Signs It Is Time To Upgrade The Fire Sprinkler System In Your Apartment Complex


In the event of a fire in your owned apartment complex, a good sprinkler system can be a saving grace, preventing extensive damage to more than one unit and preventing danger to every tenant in the building. While many property owners will ensure they have a sprinkler system in place in their apartment complexes, many fail to realize that these do occasionally need to be replaced or upgraded. Not upgrading and updating a fire sprinkler system can definitely be a major catastrophe if a fire occurs. Here is a look at a few signs it is time to upgrade the fire sprinkler system in your apartment complex. 

The building has been remodeled since the sprinklers were installed. 

During a full-on remodel, the configuration of the layout of the apartment complex can change. For example, some of the things that could change that would directly affect the sprinkler system's ability to properly perform would include:

  • Taking down certain walls
  • Combining apartment units
  • Changing floor plans within a unit

When sprinkler systems are installed, they are placed in a way that water will be evenly distributed throughout a space. Changing the arrangement of a space, even on a minimal level can hinder the system's ability to distribute water as it should. 

The sprinkler systems are of a questionable age. 

In general, a fire sprinkler system should be updated ever so often to ensure the system is as functional as it should be and up to code. If you have no idea when the sprinkler system was installed, it is wise to get a professional opinion about the system. Most fire inspectors are capable of assessing a system and giving a good estimate as to how old it is and whether or not it should be replaced. 

The sprinkler system repeatedly fails inspections. 

The fire sprinkler system in your apartment complex should be checked out by professionals on an annual basis for operational capacity and functionality. If the sprinkler system you have consistently fails inspections and needs repairs, it is a good sign the system should be upgraded to something that is more efficient. 

At the end of the day, you cannot afford to not upgrade or replace a fire sprinkler system that is in place to protect your rental properties and the people who choose to live there. If you suspect the fire sprinkler system is in need of repairs or upgrades, don't hesitate to reach out to the proper professionals for help. Contact a company like Stream Line Fire Protection LTD for more information and assistance. 


12 February 2018

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