Employee Security Training Policies That Every Storefront Needs


 If you do not have the savings yet to implement an alarm and surveillance security system, you can at least improve the security of your business by properly training your employees to provide security for your storefront. Doing so will not only help you stop burglaries, but also prevent employee theft.

Hire Your Employees Carefully

Perform background checks on your employees before hiring them. Your employees should also have very specific job functions so that it is clearer who may have been responsible for a theft. For example, if all of your employees are allowed to staff the register, it will be harder to determine who stole from it. Also, by having clearly defined responsibilities, your employees will be less able to collude.  

Provide a Number to Contact

Train your employees on who they should contact if there is a security breach. For example, if there appears to be a network security breach, your employees need to know who in IT you will need to contact. Consider getting a cell phone used only for business purposes and give your number to your employees.

Greet Customers

Install an annunciator. This device creates a sound whenever someone enters the storefront so that employees know to watch the visitor. Otherwise, it is too easy to walk out with merchandise while an employee is in the back. Employees should greet customers and should try their best to assist them not only to provide great customer service, but to also deter shoplifting. 

Don't Keep Money in the Cash Register

Train your employees to regularly transfer money from the register to a hidden safe. The less money that is kept in the register, the less that can be stolen by your employee or looted by a robber. Remove cash from the register before leaving at the end of the day.

Don't Lose Your Keys

Ideally, only managers should be put in charge of your keys or designate one employee as being in charge of them. Don't tag the keys with a business name or address in case your employees lose them. Instead, have the locks changed. Access control systems also eliminate the lost key problem by allowing access cards to be changed at any point.

While training your employees well can provide you with better security at a low-cost, you may need to eventually implement a more rigorous security system with an alarm, surveillance cameras and other burglary deterrent measures. Hire a commercial security company, like Finch Security, to make sure that all of these security measures are installed.


4 September 2015

Recognizing the Importance of Security

A few years ago, we got home from a trip and discovered a nightmare. In addition to our house being broken into, we discovered that several things were missing or vandalized. We didn't know what to do. Fortunately, a friend of ours suggested investing in a security system, so we started checking around. We discovered that some security systems seemed far superior to others, and so we bought one that got the best reviews. I can't even begin to tell you the peace of mind that the system offered us. Now when we leave, we don't have to worry. Check out this blog for more information about security systems.