Armoured Car Service Myths Refuted


When businesses are needing to move large amounts of money or extremely valuable items, armoured car services fulfil the critical role of providing safe transportation for these assets. However, it is an unfortunate fact that you may not be familiar with these services or how they can help your enterprise. This lack of awareness may lead you to believe some commonly held misconceptions about armoured car services, which may cause you to avoid using these services. After refuting these misleading notions, you will be a much better-informed consumer concerning these services. 

Myth: Armoured Car Services Are Only For Major Companies

There are many small businesses that may assume these services are only for these largest companies, but this is far from reality. Armoured car providers can fulfil a variety of roles for businesses of almost any size. 

In particular, it is common for these services to be used when making the daily deposit at the bank. This can be one of the most vulnerable times for the employee that makes this deposit. Being robbed would both place your employee at risk of bodily injury while also exposing your earnings for the entire day to theft. By hiring an armoured car to make these deposits for you, you can avoid this unnecessary risk. 

Myth: Armoured Car Services Are Extremely Noticeable

People often assumed that armoured cars are easily seen and noticed. This belief may cause them to believe that this places them at higher risk because criminals may strike while the money is being loaded into the vehicle or they may assume that the business just received a large amount of money. 

Fortunately, there are many armoured cars that can be used to discreetly provide this type of service. Often, these are repurposed sport utility vehicles that have been outfitted with armour to provide protection against gunfire. While these cars will not be as noticeable as the traditional armoured vehicle, it will still be a safe and secure option for protecting your business's money during transport. 

Using an armoured car service (like RVS Security) may be one of the best options for helping your business to safely make its daily deposit. By avoiding the need for your employees to make the trip to the bank with a large amount of money on them, you can eliminate the risk of one of them being robbed during this task. Knowing how these services can help your business and that it is possible to use discreet armoured cars will help when you are deciding whether or not these services will help your business. 


4 September 2015

Recognizing the Importance of Security

A few years ago, we got home from a trip and discovered a nightmare. In addition to our house being broken into, we discovered that several things were missing or vandalized. We didn't know what to do. Fortunately, a friend of ours suggested investing in a security system, so we started checking around. We discovered that some security systems seemed far superior to others, and so we bought one that got the best reviews. I can't even begin to tell you the peace of mind that the system offered us. Now when we leave, we don't have to worry. Check out this blog for more information about security systems.